1. kathuon:

    I’m in a Raava x Vaatu kind of mood today. Vaatu is based off of Soliarum’s design.

  3. Percabeth

    Inspired by You Found Me

    Annabeth Chase a Senior at NYU meets Peter a successful song writer and hits it off with him right away. What happens when Peter turns out to be Percy Jackson the multi platinum recording artist? ALL HUMAN (No Olympians)

    That fanfic belongs to welaine21

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    Is this hell

    I’m legitimately scared right now

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    Show us your coolest earthbending GIFs using the #earthbendingday tag on Tumblr. We’ll inbox our fave contributors and send over LoK and A:TLA hardcover artbooks, courtesy of Darkhorse!


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    So I heard it’s Earth Day


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    Hey guys! Here’s a good, FREE art program with some amazing fluid features! Go to 7:00 to see some examples of how the program works.

    If Photoshop is too expensive for you, this program—Verve—might be just the ticket! And I swear, people are getting texture effects I’ve never seen come out of Photoshop proper. 

    Even if you don’t feel like you need it, recommend it to your friends who might! It does require a fairly recently graphics card, but the size of the program itself is very small, so if you have a laptop for example it might be just the thing. 


    mother of god O_O

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